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28 Years for a Father's Hug

June 4, 2014

Story told by one of our partner radio station managers in an undisclosed location.

Lupus was destroying his body, but bitterness toward his father was destroying his soul.  One day, this man heard me speaking about the Father’s heart.  I shared the story of a little boy, abused and abandoned by his father and the bitterness that was literally crushing his spirit and ruining his body.  But I also shared about freedom found in forgiveness through Jesus.

As he listened to me share the story, he began to weep—he knew I was talking about him.  He so desperately wanted to be free from the pain that was ravaging his body and soul, he fell to his knees and asked God not only to forgive him, but to give him the strength to forgive his father as well.

Later I journeyed to a nearby village to preach.  When he heard that I was coming, he and his wife walked many miles to the service.  After the service, he came up to me, and we embraced.  He said he had been waiting 28 years to feel the hug of a father.  Now free from the burden of the pain of his bitterness, he is travelling to another island to find his real father, and share the love and forgiveness of Christ with him.

We don’t know how the story will end, but we know that Jesus has worked a miracle in this man’s heart.  Now we want to see this story repeated thousands of times in our nation.

We need to declare that Jesus is the only hope for the freedom of forgiveness.