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Pray for Unreached People Groups

Pray for Unreached People Groups

When Jesus commanded His followers to “make disciples of all nations” in Matthew 28:19, He was not referring to political nations. The word Jesus used for nations in Greek is “ethne,” from which we get the English word “ethnic.” Jesus commanded us to make disciples from every ethnic people group. In Matthew 24:14, He said, "And this Gospel will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." Until we accomplish this, the task is unfinished.

Reach Beyond is committed to helping the global Church to make disciples among unreached people groups (UPGs). These are cultures and locations where Jesus Christ is largely unknown, and the church is relatively insufficient to make Him known in its broader population without outside help.  

According to Joshua Project, there are still 7,000 UPGs, making up over 40 percent of the world’s population. The map below shows where the unreached are primarily located, but we also know we have the opportunity to reach displaced people groups in our own countries.

We want unreached people everywhere to hear about Jesus, see Him in action and learn how to follow Him. Because of our strengths in media, Reach Beyond has prayerfully decided to prioritize the 1900 largest unreached people groups of 100,000 or more in population.

Map of Unreached People Groups

Weekly UPG Prayer Focus

Join us in praying for an unreached people group each week.
November 27, 2021

Country: Ethiopia | Population: 1.5 million | Language: Silt’e | Main Religion: Islam | Evangelical: 0.09%
The Silt’e live in southwestern Ethiopia. The Silt’e were formerly considered part of the Gurage people group but after the fall of the Derg regime in 1991, they worked to form their own independent ethnic identity, and formed the Silte zone in 2001. In urban areas, they typically work as merchants. In the countryside, they make their living by farming or cultivating a type of banana. The majority of Silt’e are Muslim. Pray for the vast physical needs of the Silt’e people as they are experiencing food insecurity and poverty among other conditions. Pray for missionaries to come and show the love of Christ especially through the tools of medicine and education. Pray for those who have a heart to work with the youth as there are opportunities to invest in their lives and teach them about practical and spiritual truths.
Phu Thai
November 20, 2021

Country: Thailand | Population: 492,000 | Language: Phu Thai | Main Religion: Buddhism | Evangelical: 0.10%
The Phu Thai live throughout Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. They highly value their traditions and embrace their rich cultural heritage. This allows them to have a strong sense of community which does make it challenging for them to be open to outside ideas and to change. The Phu Thai mix their Buddhist faith with the worship of 25 spirits. Each year they hold the Pi Tian (“Spirit of heaven”) festival. The community gathers to offer sacrifices and prayers to the spirit that lives in paradise. They believe that there is a moment where this spirit comes down from heaven. They respond by dancing and jumping for joy. There are stories of healing that take place during this ceremony. Pray for the Phu Thai to recognize that Jesus is the eternal Spirit who has come down from heaven and dwelt on earth. Pray that they would receive the Holy Spirit who gives lasting joy. Pray for the several hundred Phu Thai Christians to have the boldness to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their people.
Kim Mun
November 13, 2021

Country: China | Population: 339,000 | Language: Kim Mun | Main Religion: Ethnic religions | Evangelical: 0.12%
Kim Mun means “people in the forest.” They are well-know for their unique customs and creativity including making paper from roots and leaves. The Kim Mun practice ancestor worship and sacrifice pigs three times a year as a way to honor them. They believe that bad people go to their version of hell, which is a dense, dark forest with no villages. They also believe that there are several levels of heaven. Good people will go to one of these levels based on how much the eldest son takes care of the spirits of their dead parents. If a man has no son, he believes his soul will be lost. He will do whatever he can to birth a son. Pray for the Kim Mun to recognize that Jesus is the Son of the living God who has paid the price for their sins. Pray that they turn from their false beliefs and accept the revelation of the Gospel. Pray for the tiny groups of believers scattered throughout southern China who can be a witness to their own people.
November 6, 2021

Country: Indonesia | Population: 346,000 | Language: Muna | Main Religion: Islam | Evangelical: 0.05%
The Muna people live on the islands of Muna and Buton as well as several surrounding smaller islands. They are farmers who grow cashews, corn, rice, and spices. Those who live on the coast work in pearl farming or harvesting seaweed. The Muna are highly communal and live in kinship groups; they have a practice of pokadula (mutual assistance) which they integrate into a number of their activities. The Muna have a tradition of kite flying using a large dioscorea hispida leaf as the kite. Tradition has it that farmers used kite flying as a form of entertainment while keeping watch over their farms. One of their beliefs is that in the afterlife the leaf kite will change into an umbrella to protect the owner from the sun. Animistic beliefs like this are intertwined into their faith as Shiite Muslims. Pray for openness of the Muna people to have missionaries join their communities. There is a high need for education and practical training in managing their natural resources. Pray for workers to come and provide this training as well as to share the light of Jesus. Pray for the Muna to boldly approach the throne of grace and receive His gift of salvation.
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