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Pray for Unreached People Groups

Pray for Unreached People Groups

When Jesus commanded His followers to “make disciples of all nations” in Matthew 28:19, He was not referring to political nations. The word Jesus used for nations in Greek is “ethne,” from which we get the English word “ethnic.” Jesus commanded us to make disciples from every ethnic people group. In Matthew 24:14, He said, "And this Gospel will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." Until we accomplish this, the task is unfinished.

Reach Beyond is committed to helping the global Church to make disciples among unreached people groups (UPGs). These are cultures and locations where Jesus Christ is largely unknown, and the church is relatively insufficient to make Him known in its broader population without outside help.  

According to Joshua Project, there are still 7,000 UPGs, making up over 40 percent of the world’s population. The map below shows where the unreached are primarily located, but we also know we have the opportunity to reach displaced people groups in our own countries.

We want unreached people everywhere to hear about Jesus, see Him in action and learn how to follow Him. Because of our strengths in media, Reach Beyond has prayerfully decided to prioritize the 1900 largest unreached people groups of 100,000 or more in population.

Map of Unreached People Groups

Weekly UPG Prayer Focus

Join us in praying for an unreached people group each week.
January 23, 2021

Country: Mali | Population: 1,735,000 | Language: Soninke | Main Religion: Islam | Evangelical: 0.00%
The Soninke live in the western region of Mali along the Senegal River. They are primarily farmers and herdsmen. However, there is a significant trend where the majority of men leave to do migrant labor work and are often gone for 2-4 years at a time. The Soninke have one of the highest labor migration rates in West Africa. Pray for opportunities for Christian workers to meet the men in migrant camps and to share the Gospel with them. Pray for Christian media broadcasts to reach the Soninke in the migrant camps and in their home territory in Mali.
January 16, 2021

Country: Malaysia | Population: 160,000 | Language: Malay | Main Religion: Islam | Evangelical: 0.00%
The Rambang live a simple agrarian lifestyle growing rice as the primary crop as well as corn, peanuts, fruits, and vegetables. They do not have access to a consistent supply of clean water. The Rambang are practicing Muslims who highly value competitions in the Qur’anic readings. At the same time, they integrate animistic beliefs such as the existence of supernatural forces in certain objects. They have practices and rituals centered around natural phenomena such as lunar and solar eclipses, earthquakes, and requests for rain. They also have specific practices for honoring natural cycles such as birth and death. Pray for the Rambang to see that the one true, supernatural force is Jesus, and that He has compassion on them and longs for them to come into His Kingdom. Pray for opportunities to bring physical and living water to them. Pray for Christian workers to go and share the truth of Jesus with them.
January 9, 2021

Country: India | Population: 2,244,000 | Language: Hindi | Main Religion: Hinduism | Evangelical: Unknown
The Balai are traditionally known to be weavers, watchmen, and farm laborers. In Hindi, “Balai” means messenger. While some Balai have been able to have stable and secure jobs as masons, carpenters, and business owners, many are illiterate and trapped in poverty. The Balia are known to be a “scheduled caste,” which means they are eligible for certain government benefits including reserved places in educations and jobs. The Balai are practicing Hindus with a particular focus to the mother warrior goddess Durga. Pray that the Balai would hear the message of Jesus and how He has come to set the captives free. Pray that they would receive and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and be willing to go and share the message of His Good News to others.
January 2, 2021

Country: Bangladesh | Population: 1.8 million | Language: Bengali | Main Religion: Hinduism | Evangelical: 0.00%
There are no known followers of Christ among the Kayastha in Bangladesh, and there are very few believers who speak Bengali as their first language. The Kayasta are a highly influential and intellectual caste that has long been regarded for their administrative, writing, and record keeping abilities. Bangladesh is a country that allows few opportunities to share the gospel, even with the Hindu minorities like the Kayasthas. The Kayasthas have high prestige which can easily give them the false impression that they do not need a savior to save them from sin. Pray that believers with a high-status background would have opportunities to share their faith with the Kayastha. Pray that the Kayastha would recognize that only Jesus Christ is worthy of their attention, and that they will follow Him.
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