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Pray for Unreached People Groups

Pray for Unreached People Groups

When Jesus commanded His followers to “make disciples of all nations” in Matthew 28:19, He was not referring to political nations. The word Jesus used for nations in Greek is “ethne,” from which we get the English word “ethnic.” Jesus commanded us to make disciples from every ethnic people group. In Matthew 24:14, He said, "And this Gospel will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." Until we accomplish this, the task is unfinished.

Reach Beyond is committed to helping the global Church to make disciples among unreached people groups (UPGs). These are cultures and locations where Jesus Christ is largely unknown, and the church is relatively insufficient to make Him known in its broader population without outside help.  

According to Joshua Project, there are still 7,000 UPGs, making up over 40 percent of the world’s population. The map below shows where the unreached are primarily located, but we also know we have the opportunity to reach displaced people groups in our own countries.

We want unreached people everywhere to hear about Jesus, see Him in action and learn how to follow Him. Because of our strengths in media, Reach Beyond has prayerfully decided to prioritize the 1900 largest unreached people groups of 100,000 or more in population.

Map of Unreached People Groups

Weekly UPG Prayer Focus

Join us in praying for an unreached people group each week.
Fula Jalon in Guinea
September 26, 2020

Country: Guinea | Population: 5.7 million | Language: Pular | Main Religion: Islam | Evangelical: 0.01%
The Fula Jalon are a semi-nomadic people who also raise livestock and crops. They are a subgroup of the vast Fulani people group who live across west Africa and the Sahel. While the majority of Fulani raise “humped” cattle, the Fula Jalon raise a native Djallon breed that is resistant to the tsetse fly, which is notorious for carrying disease. The Fula Jalon live in beehive-shaped huts that are surrounded by a cattle corral. While the homes in the villages are spread out, there is a central court and mosque. The Fula Jalon are devout Muslims. Some villages have Islamic schools for the children. Pray for a willingness for the Fula Jalon to learn about Jesus and His teachings and to be open to His truths
Western Cham
September 19, 2020

Country: Cambodia | Population: 252,000 | Language: Cham, Western | Main Religion: Islam | Evangelical: 0.01%
The Cham historically had a strong empire in southern Vietnam from AD 1 until AD 1471 when the Vietnamese conquered their kingdom and the Cham fled to Cambodia. With this, the Cham changed from a powerful seafaring people to simple agrarian farmers. In the 1970s, the communist Khmer Rouge regime targeted the Cham because of their Islamic beliefs. It is believed 100,000 or more Cham were killed during this time. Now the Cham live in poverty in rustic bamboo homes and survive by fishing and farming. They practice a distorted version of Islam that incorporates elements of their original Hindu beliefs as well as animistic practices that come from their past as a strong empire. Pray for long term laborers to live and minister among the Cham. Pray for local churches to be raised up and established among the Cham.
September 12, 2020

Country: China | Population: 341,000 | Language: Naxi | Main Religion: Ethnic Religions | Evangelical: 0.075%
The Naxi are known for their script that was developed over 1,000 years ago and includes 1,500 pictographs. As of 1995, it was reported that only three elderly men could read the script, but it has since been revitalized and used in the region, including on road signs. Historically, the Naxi practiced Dongba religion, which is preoccupied with wonder-working and power, as well as belief in gods and demons who are manipulated with magic. Their creation myth traces the origin of humans to an elephant-headed god who helped people hatch from magic eggs. Currently, the majority of Naxi are non-religious, though many do believe in a creator god. Pray that the Naxi would come to know the true creator God. Pray that they would see the power of Christ to bring healing, restoration and transformation in their lives. Pray for the few Naxi followers of Jesus to be a witness to their families and communities.
September 5, 2020

Country: Iraq | Population: 4.6 million | Language: Kurdish | Main Religion: Islam | Evangelical: 0.01%
The Kurds trace their heritage back to the Medes of ancient Persia. It is likely that the wise men who traveled to see Jesus at his birth were Zoroastrian priests, ancestors of the modern Kurds. The Kurds have faced much discrimination throughout modern history and are the largest ethnic group without a state of their own. They hold strong loyalty to their immediate family and then to their tribe. Most Kurds are Muslim but hold their faith lightly and still connect with their ancient Zoroastrian faith. Pray that the Kurds would come to know Jesus as the Light of the World. Pray that those who walk in the Light would have fellowship and unity with one another.
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