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7 Days of Prayer for the Unreached

June 6, 2016

Not everyone can go.  EVERYONE can pray.  In this issue of the Reach Beyond blog the rubber of our faith will hit the road of practical application for those who have never heard the name of Jesus.  Here are seven specific prayers we encourage you to pray over the next 7 days for the sake of the unreached.

Day 1: Heavenly Father, it breaks my heart that more than 2 billion people haven’t heard the name of my Savior.  In Him I have found the hope, grace and redemption that sustain my life.  I pray that one by one, you reveal that same blessing to those who have never met Jesus.  And Lord, use me as an instrument however you choose to be part of the answer to this prayer.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Day 2:  Heavenly Father, when I consider that 70,000 people enter eternity every day without knowing you, I’m staggered.  You are the author of life and death, but Father, forbid it that someone dies without knowing you if there’s something I can do to prevent it.  Please use me to shine your light in whatever way you lead.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

Day 3:  Heavenly Father, it’s easy to look at big numbers and forget that you love each person individually.  Help your Body not to be overwhelmed by the task, but rather, to love lost individuals as you love them.  People enter your Kingdom one soul at a time.  Use us to be the instruments who point each one to you.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

Day 4:  Heavenly Father, so many people today are unreached because they hate the Name of Jesus.  We recognize that as a strategy of the enemy, and we take stand against that resistance in His powerful Name.  Lord, right now, as I’m praying would you break down spiritual barriers and soften hardened hearts so that even the most resistant person might be open to the Good News.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen

Day 5:  Heavenly Father, your word says that people from every tribe, language, nation and people will worship at the feet of Jesus.  We know that’s not the case yet.  We pray for the more than 500 people groups in which there is no Christian presence at all.  Use as You see fit to help declare the gospel to these people who have never heard of you.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

Day 6:  Heavenly Father, as someone who knows you, I can’t imagine facing life or eternity without you.  When I think about the victims of war, those suffering in poverty, people trapped in spiritual darkness, I grieve that they have no place to turn for hope.  Would you reveal Yourself to people who have hope here or for eternity?  And Father, would you make me a willing vessel to take your message wherever you lead.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen

Day 7:  Heavenly Father, you gave your Great Commission to everyone who follows you.  Please forgive me for the opportunities I have missed to share your love with others.  May I be willing to do whatever I can to take your Word to the ends of the earth.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

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7 Days of Prayer

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