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Baking Bread

January 2, 2017

Once upon a time there was a young couple who was very much in love. They loved spending time together and didn't really care what they did, just as long as they were together.

One day, the young bride baked some bread. Her husband really enjoyed it, and she loved that he did. They laughed and enjoyed the bread together.

She was so excited by how much he liked it, that she baked it again the next night. And the next. It was a wonderful time. They would research new recipes together and shop for new ingredients together. She so loved that he loved what she was making for him.

She decided, she loved him so much she would make sure he never had to go a meal without some kind of, bread, muffin or sweet roll. 

She started baking like crazy. She realized at one point that she had run out of flour, so she ran to the store to get some. She realized that she had made all the kinds she knew how to make, so she went on-line to find more recipes.

Pretty soon, bread was piling up everywhere. Every now and then, she’d take a step back, look at all the bread, smile and think about how happy it would all make him. There were all kinds of breads, on the counter tops on the table, in the cupboards and on the refrigerator. 

At one point, as she was admiring all of the goodies, she noticed a little note that said, “I miss you.” She sat it down, thought, “ Isn't that sweet... I need to make him some more bread! What happens if I die, who will make him bread!” and she worked even harder than before.

After some time, she started to get tired of baking bread. All day, baking bread, bread all over the house. She realized she was sick of it. Sick of the flour, the yeast and even the smell. The smell she used to love now sickened her.

Why did he have to like bread? Why does he want all of it? Why do I have to work myself to death making it for him? She resented his love of bread. She resented him.

Sadly, this little story is really a story about a life in ministry. It has been my story, at times.

Something happens. Somehow, we turn a life giving relationship with Christ into a job. And we end up, burned out, disillusioned and sometimes even resenting the one we’re trying to serve.

What the young woman failed to realize is that her husband didn't really love the bread. He loved her. She was doing something he never asked for, trying to make him happy, when what really made him happy was sharing life with her.

I pray we never trade our relationship for responsibility. That our hearts will always be sensitive enough to hear him when he says, “I miss you.” And that we’ll have the courage to quit making bread just to be with him.




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