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Do Something Now

August 15, 2016

This is a blog for anyone who wants to take a stand for the lost.

If you ever want to stare eternity in the face, try teaching four teenaged boys how to drive.  I’m convinced that I lost years off of my life for each of our sons when I taught them to drive.

But there was one instance in particular in which there were only seconds between me, the scoop of a front-loading tractor and the Throne of Grace.  My son and I were on a remote, two lane highway in eastern Colorado where it was “safe” to teach someone to drive.  As it turns out, on a hot summer day there were only three vehicles on that stretch of the road—an old pickup being driven by an equally old man, a farm tractor in the oncoming lane, and my son and I in our old Volvo.

Tim was doing just fine until we came up on the pickup truck.  The poor old guy at the wheel was enjoying the day, doing 35 MPH on the highway, completely oblivious to the fact that we were behind him.  This was OK for about three miles, but there came a point when I decided that I was tired of being stuck behind this guy, and besides, this would be a great chance to teach my son how to pass someone safely—yeah right!

I told him to ease over into the left side of the road, and accelerate.  He did exactly what I told him, when suddenly over the crest of the oncoming hill was a farm tractor approaching us with his bucket just high enough to ensure decapitation if we didn’t take quick evasive action.

My son, being the novice driver that he was, froze—yes, he froze, right there in front of the oncoming tractor.  They say your life passes before your eyes just before death.  Not so.  Trust me—it’s just sheer panic. 

Meanwhile, the old guy next to us in the pickup was still oblivious to what was about to happen.  Under normal circumstances, I could have told my son that he had two choices.  1) Accelerate quickly and get past the truck, or 2) slow down and get back behind the truck.  He did neither.  In fact, he somehow managed to match the old guys speed perfectly trapping us between the pickup and eternity.

In that moment, the only words I could must were, “Dude, do something!”  Fortunately, the sound of my voice snapped him out of this near-fatal trance, he pushed in the clutch, downshifted to second gear and yanked the wheel over to the right behind the truck just as the tractor passed.

Now what does this have to do with reaching the unreached?

First, we can’t do nothing.  70,000 people die every day without Christ.  If my son and I had met Jesus that day, at least we knew where we were headed.  The unreached who die without Christ have no such assurance.

Second, You don't have to be qualifed. God uses the least of these to show his amazing power. 

Third, we as followers of Christ need a sense of urgency to reach the lost.  If my son hadn’t done something on that highway, I wouldn’t be writing this.  But if we don’t so something for the sake of the unreached, they’re the ones who may die without hearing the gospel.

Don’t hear me wrong—I’m not saying that other’s salvation depends on us.  At the same time, we are the ones given the responsibility to be ambassadors of Christ in a dying world.

“So what can I do?” You ask….  I’m glad you did.

You can take a stand on behalf of those who have never heard of Jesus in a lot of ways, but to get started, I invite you to sign up for the Reach Beyond Advocacy Tools. 

From this web page, you’ll find a variety of FREE tools that will help you and others advocate for those who have never heard the name of Jesus.

1) The Great Commission Action Guide – this is a great tool filled with tips on things you can do to share Christ with others locally and globally.

2) The BOLD curriculum – This is an incredible, free, interactive study on why we should care for the lost and how we can become fearless, contagious Christians.

3) Read the book, Reach Beyond – In his book, Wayne Pederson shares incredible stories of how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things to reach the unreached.

4) The Reach Beyond Manifesto – download this document.  Put it on your mirror.  Post on your Facebook page.  Give it your friends.  Study it.  Make it a lifestyle.

5) Download your free copy of the song, Reach Beyond– Phil Stacey, former American Idol finalist and Christian recording artist performs this inspirational anthem as a call for all us to reach outside our comfort zones to bring the hope of Christ to the world.

These are just a few of things you can access.  Soon there will be other resources you can use to take a stand and encourage others to do the same. 

The point is, DO SOMETHING.  Doing nothing never ends well….


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Steve J.