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Dreaming & Making a Difference Together: Understanding A Millennial

June 5, 2017
by Zach King

To offer something constructive to the never-ending cycle of discussions centering around the coming-of-age generation, millennials, I would like to offer insights into engaging with a millennial. We get it, we’re different. Other generations don’t get us. Let’s move on and see where the similarities are.

We value relationship over ROI (return on investment).  We love and appreciate a challenge, why else would we take on $50,000 in student loan debt?  We understand that in the business world, bottom line is what drives commerce.  We recognize that previous generations are more driven by completing a task, checking the box, and moving on towards the next thing. We are also driven by those. But, maybe we’re driven by those for a different reason. Which is where some of the friction we see has come in?

We want to know how we’re making a difference. We understand that we must “earn our stripes” and “work our way up the food chain” of command.  But, we don’t want to feel like we’re climbing for climbing’s sake.  To what end?  To earn the company more money?  To get a bigger market share?  To advance our “cause”?  Those goals are good, but we need more.  How are we impacting society, our country, the world?  What am I doing to improve the life of John, the guy who runs the hot dog cart down the street?  If I’m not, is there a way that I could?

We are dreamers … let’s dream together. With older generations’ knowledge and wisdom
and younger generations’ energy and excitement, we’re bound to get something accomplished.

With Reach Beyond our work is far more than just ticking a box, punching a clock, or making a video. It’s about engagement, partnership, and relationship. The challenge isn’t for how many people to reach or how many lives to touch, but how do we love others like Christ loves the church?  We may never know the ROI on earth, but we so much more value the relationships we build along the way.

Zach and Katie King serve as missionaries in our Europe/Eurasia region doing video and recruiting work!  Click here to know more about our ministry in Europe/Eurasia. 


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