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Everyone, Everywhere Deserves The Chance To Meet Jesus

July 1, 2018
by Steve Harling
Reach Beyond missionaries distributed 4000 blankets to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh
Reach Beyond missionaries distributed 4000 blankets to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Somewhere, at some point in time, someone introduced you to King Jesus. Do you remember that day? Your life changed. Maybe overnight. Maybe over time. But your life changed. You gained a new purpose, a new code for living, a new hope for the future, and a new spiritual family. Can you imagine what your life would look like now, if no one had ever gone out of their way to introduce you to Jesus?

In spite of the remarkable advances of the gospel in recent years, there are still billions of people that have yet to be introduced to Jesus. These are real people, with real needs. Most of these people live in hard to reach places where they have limited access to the gospel. Many come from tribes or people groups that have been historically resistant. These are people that Jesus loves. They need someone who will reach beyond borders, beyond words, and beyond themselves to introduce them to King Jesus. Our vision comes straight out of Revelation 7:9. We want to see Jesus known and loved among all people.

Of the 16,000+ people groups in the world, there are still 1,900 tribes of more than 100,000 individuals that lack ready access to the gospel and don’t have an indigenous church strong enough to reach their own. We can do something about this. We know where these people are located and we have the tools to reach them. Through our indigenous partners, we already have a gospel witness in more than 32% of these groups. But we need to expand our reach and go deeper with our impact, because everyone, everywhere deserves the chance to meet Jesus.

One of our highest priorities right now, is to bring the voice and hands of Jesus to the Rohingya people. For years, we’ve been praying that God would provide us with an opportunity to introduce these good people to Jesus. Because of the tragic ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, over 800,000 of these people have now fled to refugee camps in Bangladesh. The conditions in the camps are harsh and unrelenting. Through compassionate acts of service, our teams have been able to demonstrate the love of Jesus.

Doors are now opening for us to begin proclaiming the Good News. The Rohingya are being introduced to Jesus!

We know that reaching 1,900 unreached people groups (UPGs) with the voice and hands of Jesus is an enormous task. We can’t do it on our own. But we can do it TOGETHER. That’s why we’re asking God for lots of partners. We’re building coalitions of churches from all over the world that want to adopt UPGs. We’re forming alliances with Christian universities and sister agencies. We’re asking God to triple our missionary force and we’re restructuring to deploy ministry workers on the front lines of the UPG harvest. We’re committed to doing whatever it takes to introduce these people groups to Jesus.

We want to see Jesus known and loved among all people.

I hope and pray that you will be inspired to do all you can to join the Revelation 7:9 movement to introduce King Jesus to all people.