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Much More Than Her Bones Were Broken

June 5, 2014

Wadlene arrived at Baptist Haiti Mission nine days after the earthquake. She arrived, like many others, in the back of a truck that bumped up the hill to the hospital.

Nine days had passed and this woman who lay before me was still untreated and had been waiting all this time for any type of help. Suddenly, something clicked in her mind and I could see it clearly in her face.

She recounted that she been in her kitchen cooking when her building crumbled around her. Then she spent several days in the wreckage before being freed and eventually they came to us.

Her children where in another room and perished in the quake as did her husband.

Here she was, suffering for over a week with limited or no care like pain medicine or basic hygiene with a broken arm and leg, caring for herself in utter despair at the loss of all of her family!

Still terrified, physically hurting, and emotionally spent we moved her to the O.R. where she underwent the first stages of repair for her injuries. Shortly after this our team left.  I didn't expect to see her again.

Reach Beyond doctors returned to Haiti in March 2010 after they treated many patients just after the January earthquake. One of our team brought 100 SonSet® radios (solar powered radios that are tuned to local Christian radio stations) to distribute, set to four Haitian Christian radio stations. The radios were given to patients who needed something to listen to during the long hours of physical therapy for the wounds sustained during the quake. 

To our joy, one of those patients was Wadlene. I learned that during her time at the hospital she had put her trust in Christ as Savior and Lord and continues to heal from her injuries.

Reach Beyond serves as the “voice” and “hands” of Jesus, by sharing the Good News through media and His healing touch through medical ministry.

You can be His voice and hands too.  Reach beyond today and help those who have never heard the name of Jesus.

Your gift brings healing to broken bodies and hope to broken souls.  Please give today.