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The Irresistible Sound of Salvation

June 5, 2014

How long does it take for the gospel to penetrate someone’s heart? 

Sometimes it takes weeks, months or even years.  Sadly, sometimes it never happens at all.  But in other cases, the mere mention of the love of Jesus can change an open heart in seconds.

That’s exactly what happened with a man in Fiji.

Radio Light, one of our partner stations in Fiji, has been broadcasting the Good News of Jesus for 18 years in multiple languages.  Their programs are listened to there by taxi drivers, laborers, immigrants, tourists, and people scattered throughout more than 300 islands that make up this nation. 

Every morning, a family of five tunes in to Radio Light to listen to the daily preaching of a local pastor. 

But one day something very different happened.

As the family was listening to the pastor share about the love of Jesus, one of the family’s helpers looked outside and saw a young man lurking near one of the windows.  The man was standing and staring as if something had just stopped him dead in his tracks.

Suspicious, and a bit alarmed, the family helper went outside, cautiously approached the man, and asked him why he was just standing there.  The man began to explain that he was walking to work when he passed the house and heard the message of the preacher talking about God’s love.  He said that just the short portion of the program he was able to hear touched something unexplainable in his heart.

He was so moved by what he heard that he was compelled to give his heart to Christ and confess the sins he had committed. 

But just months earlier this station was wiped off the air by a cyclone that came through the area.  It took thousands of dollars, and many hours to get the station back on the air.  Was it worth it?  Ask the young man who now knows Jesus because of the message he heard.

We will employ every resource, talent and ounce of energy God gives us to shine the light of His grace into the darkest recesses of the planet. [From the Reach Beyond Manifesto]