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The Workers are Few

August 23, 2016

Recruiting can often be thought of as being a very competitive industry; finding large numbers of people to join one’s organization or team and to increase numbers quickly before other organizations do.  When I first took the job as the recruiter here at Reach Beyond, that was what I thought would be placed over me.  This big, important need for quantity – which is an intense burden to have. But what I found was quite different.  Here at Reach Beyond we’re investing our time and budget into finding the right people to come and work with us, not vast amounts of people.

It’s easy to get distracted by exciting projects or to see a great need and want to solve it immediately.  We can easily forget that we are in charge of saving the world, but that Jesus has already come to save us. We are his instruments and we will do whatever we can to help love His people in whatever means necessary.  At Reach Beyond we want to equip our missionaries as well as the locals to serve well and love the lost.  God will provide the right people, finances, location and aids.  We need only be willing to step up.

Luke 10:2

 As a recruiter I’m often asked about time commitments.  “How long can I serve for?” “How long is this program?” And what’s great about different mission organizations are their flexibility and diversity of programs.  I have people signed up anywhere from six weeks to two years to five years and anywhere in between.  We have needs and we have people wanting to give their lives to be servants in the name of Jesus

Recruiting in a Christian organization also allows for many connections to be made through networking.  When I’m out at a conference or meeting at a university, I always keep my ears open to best connect the people I talk with to the right mission organization for them.  It’s not a game of who can get the most recruits, but how can we help connect people to the right place for them. Some people feel led to serve in hospitals or go and build schools in a third world country.  Through networking with so many ministries, it’s as though we all have extra recruiters no matter where we are. 

Our end goal is the same: to spread the Gospel to reach the lost.  The way we reach that goal will be different. But we’ll get there nonetheless.

God's Leading

As you read this, is God stirring your heart to serve in the mission field?  What’s holding you back?  Maybe now is the time to think about joining Reach Beyond in reaching those who have never heard of Jesus.  We have so many areas of need.  Maybe God is asking you to serve just for a couple of years. We have just the program for you, it’s called Chili.  We ask for two years and in return you get a lifetime of amazing experiences.

So what are you waiting for? Check the Chili Project out and other exciting opportunities.

• No prior experience needed 
• No bible school required 
• No long application process
• Yes, you need to raise support 
• Yes, you need to have a clear calling on your life 
• Yes, you need to be flexible in what you want to do



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Jenna King