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Your Life for a Bible?

March 28, 2017

God’s Word cannot be deterred by ISIS, hatred, fanaticism, terror or any other force of darkness.  Ayesha (her name changed to protect her) wanted to trade hate for hope, and believed Jesus was the answer.

A group of believers gathered for radio program production training. As they share their testimonies of their journey to faith, the following story unfolds to our trainer’s amazement.

Ayesha attended a radio training session and shared how she heard the Arabic-language radio programs by “chance.”  They touched her, and as she listened in secret each day, she realized that to know this God in more depth she would need a Bible. She knew no Christians, but her desire to know this God grew, and at last she did something unthinkable!

She went to the town square and went up to the first man she met and asked, “Do you know of the Bible and where I might find one?” The man said, “I know of this book and I know someone who has one. Meet me here tomorrow.”

Risking the possibility that this was a trap in which she could be arrested or even killed, she returned, and the man brought her a Bible and another book about Christianity. With the Words of God in her hand, her faith grew and she began to walk with Jesus faithfully.

Just the beginning….

Following her story, a young man in the circle introduces himself. Smiling he says, “I was the man who brought her the Bible!”

He had been fascinated by the courage of this woman and asked a member of his household for a Bible to give her. He had intended to join a terrorist group, but after encountering her, he started to read the Bible, too. Just three weeks before signing up and leaving for training with the terrorist group, he changed his mind and dedicated his life to Christ.

He ends his story joyfully, “And now we are married!”

Then an older man in the group speaks up, “I was the family member who provided the Bible!”

These three followers of Christ now broadcast radio programs, reaching out to their community with God’s Word.  They refuse to fear the darkness that entraps people.  Instead, they are sharing Christ with “weapons” of love and faith.

Will you?  Join the movement today.  Pray for the unreached.  Invest in their eternity.