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Global Snapshots of Reach Beyond's Ministries - April 2022

April 3, 2022

Global Snapshots of Reach Beyond's Ministries - April 2022

April 3, 2022

Listener with radioASIA PACIFIC

Never underestimate the power of words, especially during the pandemic. When masks overshadow facial expressions and people are isolated from each other, words can be a gift. Our ministry partner in Indonesia operates many radio stations that Reach Beyond has helped to install. These stations spread words of truth and encouragement and receive numerous messages thanking them for being "there" during these hard times. Listeners say the programs have changed their lives and the lives of family and children too.

One listener wrote, “I listen to your station every morning. Sometimes I play it over a loudspeaker so the whole village can hear. I want them all to be blessed. I pray God will always bless the radio ministry!"

A listener from a different station wrote, "I've been a loyal listener for eight years. I enjoy listening while I'm cooking or doing my morning routines. Every day I feel strengthened, especially by the program called Making Life Better and Leading The Way. Sometimes though, I have problems with my radio, so I'm really thankful for my neighbor. He plays the station through a loudspeaker every morning so I can still listen and be blessed. And not just me, I know many people are blessed too. I pray every day for the staff that they will continue to be a blessing for many people. Thank you very much for your ministry!”

These stations typically have a potential reach of 70,000 -100,000 listeners. And with the help of faithful listeners who play programs over loudspeakers in their communities, the powerful words of the Gospel are going out to an even larger audience!


“Could we use Radio Vida to do a day of prayer for Ukraine?” asked a local pastor. Bill, who is a Reach Beyond missionary, thought it was a great idea and he and the rest of the Radio Vida team immediately began preparations for the 14-hour event that would begin in less than two days. Radio Vida (Radio Life) quickly sent out invitations to Spanish-speaking believers to record prayers that could be played throughout the day. More than 50 people from around the world sent recordings. Local pastors in Spain were also invited to come to Radio Vida to pray live and in-person all throughout the day.

Radio Vida listeners were encouraged to message written prayers to the station. Through these interactions, Radio Vida learned about a Ukrainian church and other local churches that were collecting donations for Ukrainian refugees who have fled to neighboring countries. As a result, Radio Vida has been able to come alongside these local churches to publicize specific needs and invite the broader community to participate.

Though the Day of Prayer was a spontaneous event that was put together in less than two days, we are thrilled with what God did through it. God used Radio Vida to be a unifying voice for the local church to pray for the situation and for the people—including our brothers and sisters in Christ—who have been affected by the crisis. At the same time Radio Vida has been able to help the local church meet the physical needs of people in times of uncertainty. “Pray that God would use His Church and His People—to proclaim His peace and demonstrate His love—so that all of the world would know that He is the Savior.”

SuperBible composite illustration of various Biblical storiesEUROPE/EURASIA

The media team in Central Asia is working with Reach Beyond New Zealand to translate the SuperBible into three languages commonly spoken in the region. The SuperBible shares Bible stories and the Gospel of Jesus in comic book format, both in print and video. So far, they have completed ten videos which have been made available through their online radio and internet ministries.

• "Hi guys. Thank you so much for this great project. It explains many things that I did not think about before."
• "Hello. I’ve downloaded these cartoons and showed them to my kids. I never saw them so interested in Bible study like during watching your movies."
• "I’m a pastor in a local church. And with your permission, we use these during our Sunday church school. People are so pleased to watch these. I pray for you guys."

We celebrate how the Lord is already using the SuperBible videos to engage people in this region with the truths in Scripture and draw them to a greater understanding of Jesus.