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Global Snapshots of Reach Beyond's Ministries - Dec 2020

January 15, 2021

Global Snapshots of Reach Beyond's Ministries - Dec 2020

January 15, 2021


Reach Beyond’s staff in Asia Pacific just completed their first online training course for new radio announcers in the region—a collaboration between Reach Beyond’s radio trainers and a partner in-country. The class had 18 students from 14 different radio stations around the country. The launch of the online course was timely since travel to do in-person training has been impossible during the pandemic. This was the first time these students had taken an online course. Although they were nervous, they were willing to try it so they could learn how to improve their skills as radio announcers.
One student said she "learned so much through the tutorial videos about how to use the broadcast playout software, RadioBoss." Other students said they enjoyed the challenge of seeing and understanding more about how they need to provide their communities with more helpful information about COVID-19. The instructors have been available to pray with the students and to give advice as needed. Because this pilot course was a success, a second course is now underway with 22 students.

Indian woman wearing a red sari carrying her sonINDIA
Reach Beyond Australia, in partnership with ChristianityWorks, launched a new project in May using WhatsApp, a free messaging application for mobile devices. It is widely used in India and is a tool that will reach thousands of people instantly. Initially the goal was to send short audio messages to encourage people during the time of the pandemic. The plan was to send messages to an initial audience of three different groups totaling 780 people. The messages were produced in five different languages: English, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, and Hindi. Within the first two weeks, the encouraging messages were listened to by thousands of people! Over the summer, the messages continued to spread so that over 20,000 people have listened.
“I am a taxi driver and not allowed to work during this pandemic and lockdown,” shared Ramu, a listener in India. “I was helping a lady to open her clinic shutters when another man came and thanked me for my help since he was supposed to do that work. I was sharing about my situation to him. He then shared a WhatsApp message to encourage me before praying for me. He told me that God will surely bless me and will not leave me. I have now started receiving these messages instantly through WhatsApp. I should tell you that I was not a believer until I received this message. I am forwarding this message to so many people.”


Our media partners in the Middle East recently shared a video highlighting a new believer’s journey. The video has been viewed nearly 50,000 times and has received more than 2,300 comments leading to many discussions. Our partner reports, “Our worker was able to share his testimony and his life as a Christian breaking false stereotypes of Christians taught here in the country. It has provided ample opportunities for follow-up with comments and continued conversations with people who are seeking truth.” 


Reach Beyond NZ has been broadcasting radio over the Internet for the past six years. Website analytics reveal that people from all around the world have been finding and listening to one of the seven stations listed. The website has a 'Contact' link which allows listeners to send us an email.

Two months ago, we got an email from someone in Northern Africa called HM, asking us to tell him about Jesus!
Our initial fears that the email was a hoax were dispelled when HM replied to us and told us he was born into a church that prayed to Mary and the angels…but not to Jesus! Fears about COVID had caused him to seek God. 

He knew Jesus was Lord but hardly knew anything about Him. He now wanted to learn to pray to Jesus. 

We emailed HM a suggested prayer to receive eternal life and were startled by his reply: “OK, prayed that…what next?”

After many emails and Zoom calls, we were able to refer HM to one of our ministry partners here in New Zealand who is from HM’s country. HM now has a Bible in his language, is growing in his faith, and will start attending a church in his area that worships Jesus as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted.

But…the story doesn’t end there.

HM asked if he could put his friend M in contact with us. M is from a different religion. M told us he had been disturbed by dreams where someone spoke John 3:36 to him ("Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on them."). The person in his dream told him he needed to tell this to other people in his faith community.

Last week, M emailed to say he has been praying and fasting and feels he should travel to a different town and preach the Gospel there. He says if he preaches in his home area, he fears the people from his faith community may kill him.

In his most recent communication, M asked if we would sponsor Bibles in his language that he can give to people when he preaches. We have arranged for the Bible Society in his country to send Bibles to him.

Please pray for HM and M as they grow in their faith, praying especially for guidance and protection. These are two young men hungry for God sharing their faith with others.

The Sub-Saharan Africa team packs equipment for a new recording studio in Mozambique.

The Sub-Saharan Africa team tests and packs equipment for a new recording studio in Mozambique.


Reach Beyond has been able to broadcast evangelical programs over ten secular radio stations in a very difficult country. The three-month pilot project was the first time Reach Beyond has been able to broadcast in this particular region of the country, as it is a challenging location for missionaries and Christians. One listener responded with the following note:

"I live here with my wife and three children. These programs in my language encouraged us a lot. They speak to us of the Word of God, of peace and forgiveness, of reconciliation and of social cohesion. Through listening to these shows, I saw people who hated each other sit under the same tree and chat about the content of the show without arguing. And I said, ‘glory to God!’ I encourage you in this direction. Because these programs contribute a lot to the appeasement of hearts and to raising awareness towards living together in communities." 

Pray for a long-term funding solution to continue and increase these broadcasts.


In a Central Asian country that is predominantly Muslim, our team and partners run an online radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week in two Central Asian languages. An online listener called in and shared the following voice message:
“I am grateful to everyone who participated in running such a radio. This is a very good service for believers and for non-believers too. I often send your programs to my Muslim relatives. What makes this radio good is that you guys do not divide anyone in denominations. Therefore, the leaders from different churches listen to you. It is especially striking that your team serves the Lord wholeheartedly. Your voices are very important for all listeners. I, as a woman, really like your series designed for women with good tips regarding family relationships, helpful advice, and so on. May the Lord bless you.”