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Global Snapshots of Reach Beyond's Ministries - Mar 2021

March 16, 2021

Global Snapshots of Reach Beyond's Ministries - Mar 2021

March 16, 2021
A scenic canal in a Japanese city at night


As COVID-19 continues to dictate what social life around the world looks like, Japan is no exception to having strict guidelines that are keeping most people in their homes. Staying at home can have its advantages when it comes to us sharing the Gospel with the Japanese. We currently have thousands of Japanese listeners tuning in to broadcast stations Reach Beyond has the privilege of partnering with. With over 124 million unreached people are estimated in the country. Let's continue to pray for Japan and trust God's work through these broadcasts.


One of our radio station partners has formed a partnership with the local government, the Orthodox church, and Protestant believers to broadcast Christian messages to a city of more than 1 million people. Because of Reach Beyond’s training and support to this station, this team is able to share the Gospel and they are expanding into digital broadcasts to further impact the Kingdom.


A listener to a partner station in Asia shared a story of a recent family gathering that was affected by what they had listened to. They wanted to bring up a conversation about how they could work on their relationships and communication because these topics had recently been covered on a radio program they had listened to. This led to an in-depth conversation about how the family members could work through issues that they had faced.

By the end of the conversation, they actually discovered that all of the family members had recently listened to this exact broadcast on the radio station! They were all of the same mindset that they wanted to work on their relationships and problems together. This listener shared, “Right now, the family as a whole is a topical issue that Christians need to take seriously and work on.”


Reach Beyond serves many people groups within what we call “creative access” countries. These are places where traditional missionary activities are illegal or banned by the government. Sharing the Gospel in these places is difficult and can even be incredibly dangerous for local believers and those working in these countries.

One of our digital media partners in such a country shared a touching story of a listener (who we’ll call Angel for this story) whose family is being drawn to God in a special way. Angel’s youngest daughter was having visions of someone she called “Jesus.” This family has never been to a Christian church and didn’t know who to turn to in order to figure out what was going on. They wanted to explore who Jesus was since they believed these visions were given to their daughter for a purpose. They hoped this ministry would have some answers for them.

Our partner was able to establish a relationship with them and introduce them to some Bible resources on the internet. The ministry reported that this family’s attentiveness and curiosity about Christianity has been an inspiration to them. Would you join us in praying that God would continue to draw this family to Himself?

We recently sent 300 solar powered radios to Togo that are being distributed through 3 Christian radio stations. Pray for the families that are receiving these devices and the biblical resources in them!

We recently sent 300 solar powered radios to Togo that are being distributed through 3 Christian radio stations. Pray for the families that are receiving these devices and the biblical resources in them!


Reach Beyond has had the opportunity recently to be a blessing to many radio stations in Africa. Through partnerships with local stations and radio networks, we’ve been able to repair and replace equipment in several different parts of this region. With this equipment in place from our missionaries’ work and your sacrificial giving, the message of Jesus continues to be broadcast.

For nearly a year, we’ve been praying and working to get a compact radio equipment sent to Cameroon in order to start a new radio station there. Throughout the global pandemic, the local staff there have been training and working to get ready for launching this station. We recently received word that the equipment is set to be delivered to them soon. Pray for this equipment’s arrival and the staff’s initial workings to begin ministering to the people there.

One of our partner radio stations working among the Yao, a large unreached people group in Malawi, has accomplished a lot recently. Their station has grown to have more listeners than the other 2 radio stations in their district combined! People are tuning in to the Message of Hope being broadcast.

They recently received all the necessary permissions to set up a new broadcasting station which will double the number of people they are able to reach.

They also received word that one of the listeners of their programming is going to start a Bible study in their village, likely the first for that group of people. Pray that this unreached people group would continue to tune in, hear the message of Jesus, and choose to follow him wholeheartedly.

In a West African country, we have been maintaining some old equipment for a local radio station so that they can share the hope of Christ with people in that area. Unfortunately, after 17 years of this maintenance, their transmitter was no longer worth keeping. It had to be replaced in order for them to continue ministering to these people.

Reach Beyond stepped in to replace this transmitter. It’s one of four times in the past year that we’ve been able to provide better equipment for radio stations in this area. Here’s a letter we got from a very thankful director of one of those stations:

“I take the opportunity to sincerely thank our God for all that He does through you for the good of our communities in the light of the Gospel through our radio. Since we received the new transmitter, the station has become more efficient and better listened to than all the nearby radio stations in our town and the surroundings. This encourages us to do better for the glory of our God. 

Receive our best regards in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”