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Patiently Waiting on Him - Amy's Story

October 5, 2022

Patiently Waiting on Him - Amy's Story

October 5, 2022
A typical fruit and nut market in Central Asia

“It’s hard to believe it’s been almost five years since we made an important life-changing decision to move to Central Asia.” Amy* was apprehensive about their move, but she and her husband Matthew* knew that God had given each of them a heart to serve overseas. Looking back, they are very grateful for how God orchestrated their journey into the unknown.

Amy and Matthew met in college through a missions program. Matthew was studying to be a physician’s assistant, and they both agreed they would finish college first, and then talk about going to the mission field.

Amy remembers, “As we were finishing school, we started knocking on doors, and talking to agencies to see how we could get connected with other missionaries. Nothing felt right at that time. We felt God telling us to wait, but that wasn’t what we thought was part of our plan. We had our own timing, but we know now it wasn’t His timing.”

School loans and other life issues needed to be dealt with, and they were being blessed with a beautiful growing family. Ten years passed before they revisited serving overseas.

Matthew was working as a physician’s assistant in an EMT clinic. He approached their church pastor regarding the possibility of doing medical missions work. Their pastor suggested that they attend a medical conference in Louisville, Kentucky. “See if you can find something for our church,” was the request from their pastor.

At the conference Amy and Matthew connected with a Reach Beyond missionary who suggested they consider serving in a specific Central Asian city. “Where is that?”, Amy asked. She had never heard of the city and had to look it up on a map. The staff member told them, “There are several reasons that city would be a good fit for you: There is already a medical clinic there, it’s a good place to raise a family, and there is a good international school.”

Matthew visited the city in 2015 and they made the decision to move forward. They began raising support with Reach Beyond and left for the field two years later.

“After we arrived, our story looked so much different than what we would have written for ourselves. We had to persevere to keep our vision.” Alluding to Matthew 13, Amy recalls, “The ground was so hard, it felt like we were pulling up rocks. I’m not even sure if we’ve gotten to any planting yet. But we know God is at work in these people.”

Being a believer in this creative access country is not easy. The church in their city was young—less than two years old—when Amy and Matthew arrived. New believers struggle with walking a spiritual path that no one in their family has walked before. Many are facing persecution at home and work. Believers have few, if any friends, who understand or support them outside of the church and Christian workers.

Bible studies allow Amy and Matthew to encourage and help people grow in their faith. Amy is extremely busy day-to-day as a full-time mom, running the household and volunteering at a library where she reads English to the kids one day a week. And Matthew loves engaging in medical work around the country.

Restrictions limit their ability to share their faith publicly. But that doesn’t stop them from demonstrating God’s love to everyone they encounter. At times, it is easy to get discouraged and wonder if it’s all worth it. But as Amy points out, “While we might not see the fruit just yet, we know God is working!"