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Praising God for Good Shepherd Radio

September 20, 2022

Praising God for Good Shepherd Radio

September 20, 2022
Reach Beyond Engineer Alfred trains staff at a new radio stationchuar tribe known for shrinking heads. Tsantiacu became a follower of Jesus.
Radio engineer Alfred gives training to volunteers during the installation and launch of Good Shepherd Radio.

The moment they heard the sound of Good Shepherd Radio on the air, the people at the church next door began praising God with dancing and singing. The pastor had just finished his sermon when Reach Beyond engineer Alfred started the first test broadcast at the station.

Alfred described what he saw, "Wow, it was awesome. When they first heard the station on the air, their mood changed, you could see that they were really happy. One of the women came out and asked who installed the radio station. Pastor Tee looked at me and said, 'It was this young guy.' The women were so happy that they wanted to lift me up and carry me. Their joy was awesome, I don't know how to explain it but it was something that came from their hearts—and you could feel it. I was really happy that I could make them smile and see the joy flow out of their hearts."

Good Shepherd Radio was installed by Reach Beyond engineers Alfred and Alex, on behalf of Radio Africa Network, a strategic partner ministry. Reach Beyond provided the transmitter and studio mixer, and Radio Africa Network provided the rest of the equipment. The radio ministry is led by Pastor Tee with both experienced and young volunteers from different churches creating programing and running the station.

Alex describes Pastor Tee as a faithful, humble servant, "You can just stand back and watch him demonstrating God's love to everyone he interacts with. We left feeling really content that the station would continue to do that same thing now for many thousands of people loving them and drawing them closer to the Lord and discipling them."

Pastor Tee has been encouraged by the response. He recently wrote, "Good Shepherd Radio is being embraced by the entire community. We have received calls and information from places some distance away telling us about the clarity of our radio signal. People from our community and several churches have started contributing to the cause of Good Shepherd Radio. We also printed and distributed flyers to specific communities and leaders offering them access to radio time free of charge. Some village elders and leaders have walked to the studio to thank us and to utilize the station to speak to their community. This has captured the attention of thousands of people to our programs."

Pastor Tee finished by saying, "Thanks to all of you for your prayers and collectively working together to make this dream come true."


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