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1931 - Incorporation of The World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc.

Founding Purpose

The World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc. was originally incorporated in Ohio on May 9th, 1931:

"This pioneer missionary organization is interdenominational in character, evangelistic in purpose and fellowship, world-wide in scope."

Purpose: "To erect and operate radio stations for missionary broadcasting in all parts of the world;"

Trustees and Officers: (1931-38)
Clarence Jones - President
Howard Jones - Vice-President
Ruth Churchill - Sec/Treasurer
Katherine Jones
Lance Latham

Early Newsletters

Clarence Jones Missionary Pioneering ad for a missions conference.

1931 Radio Station HCJB Brochure

1931 HCJB Letter titled Zero Hour

The Plane, The Plane

Clarence Jones' difficult nine-day journey to see Reuben Larson's jungle post inspired Clarence to buy a plane to begin missionary aviation.
Clarence bought this used Stinson Airplane in 1931 for missionary aviation in the region.  Unfortunately the plane crashed prior to their departure for Ecuador.   

Why spend nine days slogging through the Ecuadorian jungle when you could fly there in less than hour? That was the question Clarence asked during his trip to Ecuador in 1930. Clarence borrowed $2500 to buy a used Stinson Airplane in 1931. He planned to use the plane to take his team to Ecuador. 

Traveling by plane would not only help them avoid the long and more expensive boat passage, but then they could use it to pioneer missionary aviation in the region. Unfortunately Clarence loaned the plane to a friend for a trip and it crashed near Wheaton, IL.

In some ways, the crash was perhaps fortunate even though it severely strained Clarence financially.  With 7 people and extra fuel, the plane undoubtedly would have been overloaded--making the journey even more risky with the pilot inexperienced in dealing with unpredictable tropical weather, jungle terrain and the Andes Mountains.

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